In new Jersey, police barely had time to pull the driver from blazing car

Decisive action of Thomas O’connor and Christopher Warrick prevented the tragedy at the 42nd highway around the town of Gloucester (Camden County).

November 4, 23.23, police in new Jersey received a report of an accident. Upon arriving at the scene of the accident, the police found near the road bumper Ford Fusion — near the front wheel already blazing fire.

The driver was trapped in his seat. Meanwhile the flames had spread to the entire front of the car. The police realized that we need to act very quickly to rescue the unconscious «prisoner» while the fire did not spread into the cabin.

They managed to drag the man in the passenger seat, and then retrieve from the car a few seconds before the car was fully engulfed in flames.

Rescued the driver of «Ford» came to mind. It turned out, he did not get in an accident any injury! After the rapid diagnosis of EMS, he refused hospitalization or any other medical care.

Thomas O’connor and Christopher Warrick was just doing his job, but they are real heroes, to prevent the death of the motorist and the grief of his loved ones.