Immigrant Yuri Arendas went for 2 weeks in a coma, flying away from the motorcycle 5 meters

Early on the morning of September 27, Yuri Arendash, immigrants from Transcarpathia (Ukraine), as usual, was driving on the Belt Parkway to work. However, before the work of 24-year-old boy has not reached — he was hit by a car, whose driver did not notice the motorcyclist. Having fractures of arms, legs, collarbone and spine, Yuri fell into a coma. When 2 weeks came to, I couldn’t remember anything that happened that day.

The doctors said to his family: the guy was incredibly lucky. If he flew a meter on or failed to reach the bump stop, it would have ended fatally, because the traffic is crazy. Now the young man is on the mend but he will need a lot of effort and money to get to his feet. About the events of that day and later told us Yuri’s younger brother Dmitry:

«In the morning I went to school, sat with each other on the bus and called the parents. (At the time they were in Ukraine, and I stayed here with my brother.) We talked about family matters. Somewhere in the 8.50 I went to school and noticed that all the students are on the street, anyone not allowed inside. It turned out, they passed a fire safety briefing (fire drill).

I glanced at the clock — it was almost 9, I at this time had to be in class. Well, I decided to call my brother to warn that I’m late because of a fire drill. (At the end of the school day usually call from school and report about the delay of classes). Dial a number, and the tube raises the policeman, it appears, says what he area. At first I thought it was a joke someone from a friends brother. I laughed and asked if I could talk to Yuri. Police said he was not joking: my brother really have an accident.

I have the ground under your feet, in the eyes literally darkened. I asked whether my brother is alive. Officer on this question is not answered, just told where to go. After this call I have 5-6 hours didn’t know if the Jura.

I told about the incident to a friend and he agreed to go with me. After that I have 10 times the police called, asking questions I couldn’t answer because of his condition. Somehow I managed to explain where we are with each other, and the detectives stopped us and took him to the hospital.

And there began the longest wait of my life. In only 3 hours a day I spoke with the surgeon who operated on Yura. The doctor said that brother’s alive, but his condition is not very good. Then, after some time, I was allowed to see him, but he was in a coma.

Immigrant Yuri Arendas went for 2 weeks in a coma, flying away from the motorcycle 5 metersThe first picture of George, made by the brother, after the accident

Parents came back from Ukraine after a week. (They went there for treatment because the medicine there much cheaper.) Learning about the incident, they wanted to change the tickets to come earlier, but I and the person who was looking after me, persuaded them not to change plans. We do not want parents to see the condition of their son. Then my father even refused to see the pictures and videos that I sent my mom because he was held only on tablets.

Now — after more than a month after the accident — George is not the same as it was before, but still better than a couple of weeks ago. Memory almost no problems. Previously, I occasionally asked him questions, they checked me, did he, for example, our trip to California to his family. He remembers everything. The only lapse is the day of the accident and several days before that.

Posted by Dmitriy Sot on Friday, November 2, 2018

The driver who cut in front of the Jura, told detectives: “I quietly went in, looked to the right and left of the mirror, turned on left turn signal, changed lanes and heard a knock. At first I didn’t understand it, didn’t notice anything and drove on. Then I stopped and saw the damage on the car, dialed 911”.

According to our calculations, he drove about 1 km away. the testimony of the driver is constantly changing, so we don’t know exactly how it really is.

Doctors are in no hurry to make any predictions. They don’t even know whether brother to walk. Glad that he, because of his age, is quickly restored.»

According to the information page on Facebook, dedicated to raising funds for the treatment of Yuri Arendash, for rehabilitation he will need about $500 thousand. At the time of the accident, the boy had health insurance. As said Dmitry us, only one wheelchair made for him under the order, at a cost of $5 thousand.

Family Arendash will be grateful for any help in their trouble, and asks anyone who saw what happened on the morning of 27 September on the Belt Parkway for the 5th Congress, to tell them or the police.