At least 5 people were killed in forest fires raging in Northern California

Officials and rescue workers of the emergency accidents in California confirmed the death of at least 5 people in fires raging since Thursday in the North of the state.

Captain Scott McLean of the California Department of forestry and fire protection told reporters that the fire spread very quickly, resulting almost immediately was made the decision on activation of the evacuation plan. About 30 thousand inhabitants of the town of Paradise was evacuated on Thursday. Unfortunately, without victims has not managed. Five people were found dead, as reported in the Department Sheriff of the County of Butte.

The investigation revealed that at the time of death of the victims were in the vehicles. To identify the identity of the victims have not yet succeeded due to heavy fire damage.

Confirmed deaths and head of the Department of emergency incidents mark Ghilarducci. «The scale of destruction that we see really is an incredible and heartbreaking. We know that there were fatal cases», — commented Ghilarducci.

Forest area is on fire at the moment around 7000 hectares. Almost completely burned out Paradise city. Because of the fires their homes were forced to leave more than 150 thousand people from the counties of Ventura and Los Angeles. The evacuation will affect the city of Malibu.

Large-scale forest fires in Northern California started in the morning, 8 November. The flames quickly spread due to conducive weather conditions — strong wind and low humidity.

#hillfire from Mission Oaks area.

— Elizabeth Garrett (@liztomaniaaa) November 8, 2018