A resident of the Bronx tried to kill 2-month-old grandson and other family members, pouring on them burning oil

On Friday, November 9, in an apartment in the Bronx, a fire broke out. As it turned out, the fire started after the man tried to kill all his family members, spraying burning oil.

Around 10:35 FDNY got a call about a fire in an apartment building in the Wakefield district at: 730 East 236th Street. Having arrived to a call, firefighters are unable to enter the apartment through the door, so went up the fire ladder to extinguish the flames.

According to police reports, officers found that several people have burns. The investigation found out that 41-year-old man argued with 19-year-old daughter and 18-year-old son. In the midst of the altercation, he was poured on them burning oil. At that moment his daughter was holding his two month old baby. All three suffered burns.

The oil gets on the couch, which began to burn. Then the man went into another room and did the same thing — splashed burning oil on a 60-year-old mother and 87-year-old grandmother.

LIVE: NewsCopter7 is over the scene of an apartment fire in the Bronx that left a mother and baby injured. https://t.co/PszWBqYRkf

— Eyewitness News (@ABC7NY) November 9, 2018

The girl with the baby and the guy managed to escape from the apartment. They were saved by the neighbors, who later said that the skin of victims burn.

«The back [of the child] was burned from the neck down,» said one of the neighbors through her tears.

The suspect also managed to escape through a small crack in the door, but the residents of the house prevented him from escape.

«He was just screaming that he was going to kill his family, was going to burn them. Looks like he was having a mental breakdown,» said assistant FDNY chief Joe Driver.

The son of the alleged instigator of the fire told PIX11 that his father was broke and couldn’t find a job.

All the victims, including the suspect, were taken to hospital for treatment is not dangerous to life injuries. According to messages of employees of the NYPD, the arrested man’s family and neighbours blamed the incident. The charges against him are pending and the investigation is ongoing.