In new York, died on 89-year-old Professor, who was knocked down during the stampede in the subway

Saturday, October 27, at 15:00 Kurt Salzinger and his wife Diana Citat descended into the subway station 34th Street-Penn, heading to Macy’s. Already on the platform, they hit the flea market.

«Hurry, the guy who was running to catch the train, caught Kurt – said Citat the NY Post. – [Kurt] fell on the platform and lay there as dead, not moving».

The woman was also unable to stay on his feet. When she fell, then looked in the direction of the fleeing man, who, according to her, was a slender and athletic build.

«I kept yelling, «Oh my God, Kurt, Kurt!» recalls Citat. He (guy – USA.One) stopped and looked at Kurt, he saw him lying there, and then jumped in the car.»

Other passengers were more helpful: seeing an elderly man, whose head wound was bleeding, many rushed to his aid. Among them was the nurse who pulled a cloth from his bag to apply to his wounds.

The fall caused bleeding in the brain 89-year-old man, and he developed pneumonia. Salzinger, died November 8 – 12 days after the incident.

«He died because of this guy – said Chitayat, who is 85 years old. – I don’t think he wanted to kill him but he killed him.»

Salzinger, was a distinguished Professor of psychology and a researcher whose family fled from Austria in 1938 immediately after the passage of the Nazis. They drove all on the TRANS-Siberian railway before you get to Japan and then to enter the United States. First, he and his family lived in Seattle, and when he was 12 years old, they arrived in new York.

«He could barely speak English, and two years later he was admitted to the High school of science Bronx,» – said Chitayat.

The man continued studying at New York University and then Columbia University, where in 1954 he obtained his doctorate. He was an honorary Professor of psychology at Hofstra University, where he worked as a senior researcher.

Posted by Kurt Salzinger on Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Professor has written 14 books and 200 articles studying the behavior of people as well as dogs, rats and goldfish.

The police Department of new York is investigating the incident and asks who owns any information on this, call the hot line Stop Stoppers by phone 1-800-577-TIPS. According to the NYPD, surveillance cameras on the platform did not record the incident.

Citat claims to want to find this man not because of revenge.

«But what I wish is that he realized what he had done, to remember it and feel guilty, she said. – He destroyed a human life because of the rush for the train.»

Salzinger left 4 children and 4 grandchildren. Together with wife Diane Citat they lived for 38 years.