«Code word» is saved from abduction brave 10-year-old girl

The authorities of San tan valley in Arizona are asking local residents to be on the alert: unknown white SUV tried to lure in car 10-year-old girl.

Fortunately, his plan was not carried out, because the child is not confused. That’s how it was.

On Wednesday, 8 November, about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, 2 friends were walking through the Park near North Pecan Creek, when suddenly some of them stopped a white SUV.

The driver turned to one of the girls, saying that her brothers were injured in a serious accident and that she needed urgently to go with him. The child, despite the emergency situation, not confused and asked the man about the»code word». The driver of the turnaround was expected and silently stepped on the gas.

«A huge thank you to the parents… because they talked to the children about the dangers and came up with a code word, said County Sheriff Pinal mark lamb. — We encourage all parents to do the same so that children know what to do in this situation».

Children walking in a Park, told police that repeatedly seen in the vicinity of this white car.

«This «notion» with the code word may have saved my daughter’s life, said Brenda James. — We invented it a few months ago, after I somewhere in the media I read about this option to protect kids from strangers».

City police and the County continues to look for the man. It is known that he is about 40 years old, he wears a beard. During a conversation with a girl, he covered his face with his hand.

Anyone with any information about this man or a white SUV, please contact by phone (520) -866-5111.