Fire in California killed and injured thousands of animals (photos)

Animal advocates in California have combined all their powers to save thousands of animals from the fire raging across the state from November 8.

As reported Allison Cardona, the Deputy Director of operations Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control, their office is now located about 700 animals, including a 550 horses, 9 cows and at least 1 turtle.

«The mind can not understand how [to survive] is a disaster for people and animals, said Allison Cardona in an interview with NBC News. — People suffer — a lot of animals.»

According to confirmed reports, the victims of the deadly and destructive forest fires Camp Fire steel 42. How many animals, wild or domestic, were killed or injured in the fire, there is no exact information, according to preliminary data — at least several thousand.

California residents near the fires are being told to leave buckets of water out
for the animals that are trying to escape the flames! 🙏🏼

Many people were unable to save their horses and had to leave them behind!

— Dean Holmes (@DeanH2014) November 12, 2018

In a network there was a heartbreaking photo of the burned cat, rabbit with burnt ears, dogs with a charred face and rewound the legs of a giraffe against the wall of flame and black smoke.

Fire in California killed and injured thousands of animals (photos)

Some celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian and Ariel winter, hurled angry comments at winery in Malibu for the rejection of the giraffe Stanley. The company, which owns Saddlerock ranch, which contains some exotic animals, threw this handsome man in the lurch.

Last week representatives of Saddlerock stated that all animals were evacuated. However, according to actress Whitney Cummings, who visited with other activists on a ranch on 10 November, they found Stanley in the paddock.

apparently Stanley the Giraffe is still at Malibu Wines Safari and has NOT been evacuated. source states these were taken a little over an hour ago. @KTLA @ABC7 @CBSNews

— b (@bobzmyname) November 10, 2018

On the weekends 30 miles South of destroyed by fire the town of Paradise was established a temporary hospital for animals, where veterinarians helped pet with burnt paws and fur.

While many owners leave their Pets to fend for themselves, many volunteers, on the contrary, travel to the evacuation zone to rescue those who can’t get out of there.

So, on Sunday evening to help the animals went 39-year-old Builder, but on Monday got stuck in Butte County. «I love animals, but hate even more the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. It’s the worst feeling, — the volunteer told. I want to help carry as many [animals in a safe place]».

And Dan Sovago, IT-developer from Roseville (CA), you get 1.5 hours to Magalie to help a friend evacuate his «Noah’s ark»: a donkey, a cat, a dog and 3 goats, one of which is soon to Okolitsa.

However, in addition to Pets trapped in a fire in Northern California remains a lot of wildlife, including several species of deer, black bears, lynx, moose, Cougars, coyotes, raccoons, squirrels, skunks and foxes, and many birds and snakes.