In new Jersey, the car drove into the house: 16 people were injured

In new Jersey in the village edge of the Harbor, near Atlantic city, on Tuesday at about 10 a.m. the car entered the foyer in social welfare services. In the car were two adults and two children. In the building were up to 50 people.

Authorities say a car crashed through the front of a Social Security office in New Jersey, injuring at least 16 people.

— The Associated Press (@AP) November 13, 2018


Employees of social services does not comment on the incident. In the police Department claim that they have no reason to believe that this was a deliberate act: «Perhaps the driver was trying to Park and accidentally drove into the lobby of an office building».

Clearly about the causes of the accident will be only at the end of the outbreak investigation. While the police reported two people seriously injured (the driver and a female passenger). At the moment it is known that with various injuries were treated at least 16 people.

At the place of work, police, fire and medical services.