Arrested associate of Bowers., the arrow from Pittsburgh, who claimed that «this is only the beginning»

Law enforcement agencies of the district of Columbia reported the arrest of 30-year-old Jeffrey Clark.

He is a close friend of Robert Bowers. shot 11 people in the synagogue at Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). The man not only openly supported the actions of the killer, but said that the bloody campaign – «this is only the beginning«.

Clark was arrested after contacting his relatives in the police. People seriously feared that the man was planning another massacre in a public place. After his arrest, Bowers., the offender stated that the Jews «deserved it«. In addition, Clark is a regular at social network, which has become a gathering place for neo-Nazis and other supporters of right-wing ideas.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2018/11/f2e0f0ecd8d9b42d5a8e36a14d5245f9.jpg" alt="Arrested associate of Bowers., the arrow from Pittsburgh, who claimed that «this is only the beginning»” />
Jeffrey Clark (left) with his brother Edward, who shot himself a few hours after the attack Browers on a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Photo: DOJ

It is also known that after the shooting in the synagogue a man published a post with a photo of Bowers. and signed it as follows: «This is a trial run for future events.» Such statements, according to psychologists, talking about the seriousness of Jeffrey Clark. His family members told police that the detainee along with his younger brother repeatedly fantasize about how they will kill Jews and African Americans.

Worth noting: a few hours after the bloody crime in the synagogue’s «Tree of life», the brother Clarke shot himself in the head, ending life through suicide. The reasons for this act the police still can’t figure out.

As for Jeffrey, he was arrested for illegal possession of firearms and possession of high-capacity stores. The police said that there is currently no evidence of training men to attack.

However, law enforcement officers carefully examine the person because his statements contain explicit threats. At the same time, detectives believe that Clark didn’t know about the impending attack on the synagogue.


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