Family killers: husband, wife and children will go on trial for the murder of 8 people (photo)

On Tuesday, November 13, the police arrested the whole family for the murder of 8 peoplethat rocked South Ohio in 2016. It was one of the most extensive investigations in state history.

«We promised that the day will come when people who have committed mass murder in the County of pike, will be arrested. And the day has come,» said the attorney General of Ohio Mike devine.

Was arrested on 4 people:

  • 47-year-old George Wagner III,
  • his 48-year-old wife Angela Wagner
  • and their sons — 27-year-old George Wagner IV and 26-year-old Edward Wagner.

Each of them indicted on 8 counts of murder in the first degree, and this means that all of them face the death penalty.

Family killers: husband, wife and children will go on trial for the murder of 8 people (photo)Source: Ohio Attorney General

Mothers of the spouses — 65-year-old Rita Newcomb and 76-year-old Frederick Wagner will also have to answer before the court for attempting to conceal the crime and put law enforcement officers into error.

All arrested without the right of bail.

Police pike County received 22 April 2016. In the words of the woman calling, she found in the trailer where lived her brother-in-law and cousin, their bodies. In the end, 3 the trailers, the police found 8 dead. All of them were shot (some right in the bed), several bodies were traces of beatings.

Here are the names of the victims:

  • 40-year-old Christopher Roden;
  • his ex-wife — 37-year-old Dan Roden;
  • their children: Clarence Roden (20 years), Hannah May Rodin (19 years) and Christopher Roden, Jr. (16);
  • the bride of Clarence — hazel Gilley (20 years);
  • older brother Christopher Roden — Roden, Kenneth, (44);
  • their cousin Gary Roden (38).

The only survivor of the little children: a newborn child of Hannah Roden, and a six-month-old baby hazel Gilley.

It is known that those arrested were preparing to murder. According to prosecutors, they have long studied the habits and routines of the lives of their future victims, he studied the layout of the trailers, and who slept where.

However, the most important thing — the probable motive of the attackers — prosecutors are not voiced.

This case became one of the most difficult in the history of Ohio. The investigation was conducted in 10 States, there were more than 700 witness statements and conducted over 600 interviews.