The snow storm proved fatal for 9 persons

The first snowstorm of the season, which began yesterday, November 15, has for some deadly. At the moment there are nine victims of the snow storm.

The United States was not ready to fight the snow storm, which combined rain, snow and ice. This has led to a huge number of problems – the closure of schools, traffic jams, hundreds of canceled flights and the absence of light. But that’s not all.

Today the Governor of new Jersey Phil Murphy confirmed the death of one person in the accident. The victim was 61-year-old Susan brown, who died after her car collision with a train.

According to official figures, throughout the state there were about thousands of accidents and almost 1900 «requests for assistance» from the drivers.

Another victim died in the County of Miami (Indiana) as a result of the accident. As reported by the state police, 60-year-old woman lost control of the car while driving on a slippery road.

In Mississippi crashed tour bus, which was carrying 46 people. Sergeant Joseph Miller, in the crash two people died and several were wounded. The cause of the accident is called weather conditions.

Two more death caused by bad weather, was recorded in Ohio and Maryland. And the traffic police Arkansas reported two separate incidents where drivers lost control of car on icy roads. During these road accidents 3 persons were lost.

As reported by the resource, FlightAware yesterday, there were more than 8 thousand detainees and 1,900 canceled flights. According, Friday morning in 17 States from Kentucky to Maine, more than 400 thousand customers were without electricity; this is partly associated with freezing rain.

at Newark airport Hundreds of passengers standing in queue for the last 7 hours waiting for their turn to cancel/renew tickets. Flights were cancelled by bad weather. There are 4 staff members to attend. Bring more staff to help. There are many seniors & kids #unitedAIRLINES

— PANKAJ TRIVEDI (@PankajTri29) November 16, 2018

New York and its inhabitants also suffered because of a snow storm. Mayor bill de Blasio said that the force of the storm caught the city by surprise.

In new Jersey due to a snow storm children had to spend the night at school (photo)

Due to the snow storm that hit on Thursday, November 15, on the East coast of the United States, some students in new Jersey had to spend the night in the school together with teachers and the administration.