«We’ve been preparing for death»: the Elevator of a skyscraper in Chicago flew down 84 floors

In Chicago, 6 people were in one of the worst nightmares that can imagine the inhabitants of the metropolis. An Elevator with passengers suddenly fell down and passed 84 of the floor before the protection tripped by a fall.

The usual descent on the Elevator about midnight on Friday, November 16, the famous Chicago’s 100-storey skyscraper on 875 North Michigan Avenue almost became a tragedy. (Previously, this skyscraper was known as the John Hancock Center.)

«We’ve been preparing for death»: the Elevator of a skyscraper in Chicago flew down 84 floorsJohn Hancock Center
Source: Flickr

On the 95th floor of this building is a restaurant with a gorgeous view of the windy City, so there is always a lot of visitors. Six of them boarded the Express Elevator to descend to the first floor. Suddenly he began to go too fast, but then completely «flew» down.

The lift swept 84 of the floor before it has fall protection, and finally hung between the 11th and 12th floors. The ceiling fell down in the dust, blinking light. «We panicked, someone was screaming, someone was crying,» recalls the horror 50-year-old Jamie Montemayor hotels in Chicago with my wife a tourist.

Except for spouses in the Elevator there were 2 student Northwestern University and 2 people, including a pregnant woman. «We were preparing for death. We hugged with his wife and prayed,» says Montemayor.

Passengers, of course, have pressed the panic button, but the rescue was complicated by the fact that they are stuck in the so-called «blind mine»: there were no doors through which firefighters could enter the mine to get to them.

Had to break through a brick wall, says the head of a battalion of the Chicago fire Department Patrick Maloney.

«Prisoners» lift managed to release only 2.5 hours. Fortunately, anybody from them has not suffered. «This is the second most important building in Chicago! And it is the third important city in the United States! outraged Louis Vasquez — a friend of the couple Montemayor that same night came down from the restaurant on the other Elevator. 100 floors, they have nowhere to open the door? It’s kind of crazy.»

The last time the Elevator was checked in July of this year, and it was in good condition, said the representative of the press service of the Department of construction in Chicago. The cause of failure is established.