In California, searching for the unknown who shot a Dolphin (photos)

Group animal rescue Marine Animal Rescue is offering a reward for information about the man who shot and killed a Dolphin found on the beach of southern California.

President and founder of the band Peter Wallerstein DailyMail reported that he had found the Dolphin in the water near Manhattan beach and pulled him ashore. According to him, everything pointed to the fact that the animal was just killed.

«There is no justification for such cruelty to these beautiful animals — it is told in the group message on Facebook. We offer a reward of $5 million for information leading to the prosecution of the man who shot the Dolphin. Your help will be invaluable.»

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Posted by Marine Animal Rescue on Friday, November 16, 2018

After opening the vet confirmed that the Dolphin died from a gunshot wound.

«It was a bullet of small caliber, – said Wallerstein. I brought it at the Marine Mammal Center, where [the staff] did an x-ray and found the bullet».

A user of Facebook under the name David Darcy suggested that Dolphin could shoot from the boat, after which it is washed by the waves to the shore, where he found Wallerstein.

Animal advocates gave evidence to the National marine fisheries service, which is currently investigating the murder of a Dolphin.

If you know something about this incident, please call customer service on the phone 562-980-4000 or in Marine Animal Rescue in 1-800-39-WHALE (94253).

In the Faroe Islands there is a bloody custom that horrifies animal rights activists. During hunting season residents are driving dolphins into the Cove and slaughtered to death. The hunters claim that it is an integral part of their culture.

In new Jersey rescued a beached Dolphin (photo)

On the coast of new Jersey, Sea Isle City, people who were vacationing on the beach, saved a Dolphin, which washed ashore. Employees of the beach patrol wrapped Dolphin special slings and stretchers I carried it in the car.