The man, who had brutally murdered his pregnant wife and 2 daughters sentenced to life imprisonment

The court put an end to the terrible crime that occurred in August of this year in the state of Colorado. Then 33-year-old Chris watts dealt with his wife, who was pregnant, and 2 daughters.

In this case, after the murder of a man diligently played the role of a heartbroken husband. However, the police quickly found out that he was involved in the death of his wife and children. Monday, November 19, watts was sentenced to life imprisonment without right to parole.

According to information provided by prosecutors, the prosecution decided not to seek the death penalty for male, in exchange for an admission of guilt. The lawyer of the defendant and the perpetrator himself refused to comment on the situation.

We will remind that on August 13 familiar Shannon watts went to the police, because for several days I could not contact the woman. The very next day her husband appeared before the media, pleading to find his missing wife and 2 daughters. The man carefully did not seem to understand what was happening and was very upset. But after a few days, the police arrested him, accusing him of triple murder and illegal abortion.

Further, the suspect claimed that it was Shannon watts took the life of daughters, which he strangled her in a fit of rage. However, the police didn’t believe another lie of the offender and, as it turned out, not in vain. Detectives were able to find evidence pointing to the fact that the brutal killing was Chris. According to police, they were impressed with the actions of the attacker and his behavior during the investigation.

The reasons why 33-year-old watts killed his entire family, including the unborn baby are still unknown. Militiamen promise that will be soon published the final report should clarify this point.

However, friends of those killed believe that the motive was financial problems that accompanied the family for several years. Probably, they resulted in the death of young children and pregnant women, and a life sentence for the once happy husband and father.


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