In Philadelphia in the basement of the house found the 4 «executed» people

Yesterday, November 19, police in the cellar of one of houses in Philadelphia (PA) was discovered murdered 4 people: two women and two men. As told reporters of a local police Commissioner Richard Ross, all of them were «executed» and died from a gunshot wound to the head, presumably on Sunday evening. He also said that most likely, all four of them «led» in the basement, as the hands and feet they were not related, and inside the house police found no obvious signs of a struggle.

Monday morning to the dispatcher service of the police received a call from a woman, a relative of the resident of one of the neighborhoods of Philadelphia; she came to his house (the house was under repair), but found the front door ajar. The patrol arrived on call, found a terrible scene in the basement.

Names are being withheld, known only to the accurate and approximate age: 31-year-old man, 20-year-old woman, a man 20-30, woman 30-40 years.

Found that two of the dead men were cousins and lived in the house during his repairs. The investigation is ongoing, conducted a survey among the members of the bereaved families, friends and neighbors. Also viewed recording surveillance cameras to search for the killer/killers.

One of the neighbors said that they heard some strange sounds on Sunday evening, but did not give them much importance, as the thought that it has something to do with the repair.

According to the AP, the number of homicides in Philadelphia continues to grow for the second year in a row. As at 15 November in the city has been 294 murder, which is 12 more than in the same period last year.

It is noted that the quarter in which occurred the «penalty» is undergoing gentrification and is known as one of the safest: the police rarely received calls from here.

The term gentrification (eng. Gentrification) involves the reconstruction/improvement of the district with the aim of attracting more affluent residents. In this process, residents with low incomes replaced the more affluent, which leads to increased physical, economic and social prospects of the area. For the first time the term was coined in 1964 by Ruth Glass in the book «London: Aspects of change» (a Prime example of gentrification – famous Notting hill). In new York the same illustrative example can be called Brooklyn.