The murder of an American in India: endangered wild tribe massacred a missionary

American tourist John Allen Chow, illegally in the Andaman Islands, was assassinated by a tribe of sentinelese, who live here in complete isolation. The Indian government restricts visits to the Islands, and the natives are hostile towards outsiders.

As the representative of the local police Vijay Singh, in the investigation arrested 7 fishermen who illegally smuggled American on the island. Carriers confirmed that they had seen Chow was riddled with arrows and thrown on the beach.

«Police said that with the help of local fishermen Chow visited the island of North Sentinelese island 4-5 times,» he told BBC Hindi journalist Subir Bhaumik.

According to local media, the man wanted to turn a tribe in Christianity.

«He got hit with arrows, but he kept going, the source told AFP. — Seeing how the natives tied a rope to his neck and dragged the body, the fishermen got scared and ran away.»

Christian missionary activist John Allen Johnston of Alabama was allegedly killed by Sentinelese tribals on the Andaman Islands, India. The Sentinelese tribe are known to be the world’s last ‘uncontacted’ people which has a history of resisting contact with the outside world, police say.

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The missionary died on Saturday, November 17. To provide any other information Vijay Singh has refused, having referred to secrecy of the investigation.

Professor Jindal Global Law School Shiv Viswanathan recalled that the North Sentinelese island is a protected area and closed to tourists.

«The exact population of the tribe is unknown, but it is reduced. The government should protect them,» said Vishwanathan. According to experts, now the sentinels are from 50 to 150 people.

They are often called the most dangerous tribe in the world. They were one of the first successfully migrated out of Africa. Scientists believe that sentinels settled the Andaman Islands 60 thousand years ago.

For thousands of years, their life has not changed. The tribe lives on a small island and is known to be aggressive meets anyone who tries to approach them.

In 2017, the government of India warned that a photo or video of andamansea faces a prison sentence of up to 3 years.

Death of US Tourist by Sentinelese Tribe Underlines the Urgent Need to Save the Andaman Groups from Extinction

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Stephen Corry, head of human rights organisation Survival International, campaigning for the rights of indigenous peoples, called Saturday’s incident «a tragedy» which «was not supposed to happen.»

«Sentinels shown again and again that they want to be left alone, and their desire should be respected,» — said Corrie, reasonably adding that the natives are likely not immune to such common diseases as influenza and measles.