In new York Amtrak trains on the move disconnected 2 carriage with passengers

Hundreds of passengers of trains Amtrak now there really is something to be thankful — and something to talk about over the holiday table at thanksgiving.

Last night, November 21, 2 train, EN route from Montreal (Canada) to new York has separated from the composition. It happened near Albany. In the cars there were 287 passengers. Fortunately, anybody from them has not suffered.

According to the Amtrak representative Jason Abrams, later passengers were put on another train. Other information about the incident, Abrams was not given, but CNN has gathered eyewitness accounts.

«The car was Packed. Free places are simply not there, ‘ said Billy Osher-Dugan, who went to new York to celebrate thanksgiving with his girlfriend. — I can only imagine what could happen.»

According to the guy, one of the passengers had the sense to break stop-the crane and thereby activate the emergency brake, other passengers grabbed the extinguisher, as the car smelled of smoke.

Helen Mary crane EN route to the Big Apple with her son, afraid that the cars will come off the rails.

«But there was a guy, a student, I learned his name was Reuben Clark. He rushed to stop the crane. He saved our lives, because the car raced out of control, and there was no Amtrak staff, says Helen. — I am grateful to God that this guy was in our car.»

The police of the state of new York is investigating the incident, but the national Council for transport safety it is not yet commented.

We will remind, the similar case happened with the Amtrak train in February in Maryland.