«Mom, I got shot»: the girl who wrote an essay on armed violence, killed by a stray bullet

In 2016, the sixth-grader Sandra parks wrote an essay about the regular shootings in his hometown of Milwaukee (Wisconsin) and elsewhere, for which he received third place in the school competition.

«Little children are victims of senseless gun violence — wrote student Keefe Avenue School. — I suffer and have to escape from what they see and hear every day. When I do, I come to the same conclusion — we are in a state of chaos.»

In his school work Sandra encouraged everyone to be kind and care about each other.

«We will win, when you love yourself and the people around us. Then we will give each other fraternal support», — thought the girl in the essay.

Two years after her award — November 19 — in the bedroom window Sandra’s someone shot. A stray bullet hit the girl, which at that time was just watching TV.

«Sandra took it like a soldier, told WISN sister Tatiana Ingram. — She just came into the room and said, «Mom, I got shot». The bullet wasn’t even intended for her.»

Sandra Parks, 11, wrote an award-winning essay: «Little children are victims of senseless gun violence. Many people have lost faith in America and its ability to be a living example of Dr. King’s dream!» A shot pierced her bedroom Monday. She was 13 https://t.co/YvSxygb6Gd pic.twitter.com/ACWqDJckcy

— George Stanley (@geostanley) November 21, 2018

Last year during a performance on Wisconsin Public Radio Sandra said she chose the theme of violence for his essay because of the constant news about the shootings.

«All you hear is that someone dies or someone got shot. People just don’t think about the fact that this is someone’s father, son, granddaughter or grandson,» said she.

A grieving mother Bernice parks said that her daughter was an ardent opponent of any kind of violence.

«My child was not violent. My child did not like the violence,» said the woman.

Teacher of Kimanzi Edari, who teaches writing and speaking, said that he remembers the last lesson, which was only a few hours before the murder of Sandra.

«I distinctly remember, on Monday, the children were a little wild and a lot of talking, and Sandra stood up and reassured everyone, said Adari. She was wise beyond his years. Sandra told them they needed to settle down, so they can make a good project.»

Sandra’s essay on violence in Milwaukee became viral in the days after her death. According to Atari, the girl wrote a lot of other good essays, and poems that they are going to publish.

Sandra Parks, 13, wrote this essay about gun violence and its effects on children like her. This week, she was killed by a stray bullet while she was in her bedroom. https://t.co/ituJuEAWvz pic.twitter.com/nsU4KbX8t2

— Faith M. Karimi (@FaithMKarimi) November 22, 2018

«The whole world needs to hear the voice of this child. A voice silenced too early,» stressed the teacher.

Adri also says that the girl’s death prompted the community to action. According to teachers, neighbors, friends and community activists are now focused on how to stop these senseless shootings.

Wednesday, November 22, two men were charged in connection with this fatal incident.