Man stole someone else’s identity to make new teeth for $40 thousand and buy a puppy

What would you spend $40 thousand? For example, the 52-year-old Timothy Powell from Florida made his Hollywood smile. The problem is that the money in it was stolen — along with the personality of their owner.

According to militiamen, the man used someone else’s identity to pay $40 million for the services of a dentist and buy a $10 thousand puppy.

Man stole someone else’s identity to make new teeth for $40 thousand and buy a puppyTimothy Powell: before and after
Source: Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

As the representatives of the County Sheriff Volusi, Timothy Powell stated that he was recruited by the fraudsters. Supposedly these people are invited Powell to insert dental implants to look better… for later fraudulent schemes.

Powell got personal information, including Bank, — 80-year-old resident of South Florida, suffering from senile dementia. Information was bought on the darknet.

Jake Brenner, brother and guardian of the victim, police said, when a mail with 2 large bills from dental offices, which the man simply never visited. In addition, according to investigators, Timothy Powell spent nearly $10 thousand to buy a puppy French bulldog.

Went to court and the banks, demanding the return of spent fraud money.

Powell was found in fingerprints, which he left in the dentist’s office.

Now investigators are looking for those businessmen who are so well versed in the «dark Internet».

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