The guy survived a shipwreck, spending 12 hours in waters infested with sharks

29-year-old American is lucky to be alive after spending 12 hours in the waters off the coast of Australia, teeming with dangerous sharks.

American tourist levy Verbosity from Hawaii traveled on his small ship type «catamaran» along the East coast of Australia. On Wednesday evening, 21 November, his boat sprang a leak and capsized. It happened near Cape Palmerston, about 40 km South of Mackay in Queensland.

«Shortly after sunset I noticed that the boat slowed down. I came on deck and saw a leak. Literally within minutes, the catamaran is capsized with all my things,» said the tourist.

Levi managed to climb on top of overturned boat. He hoped to repair the ship, but according to the guy, it was a «waste of time». By the time when he dismissed the idea to fix the boat, it was too dark, and the guy could not activate the emergency radio beacons (EPIRB). He had to spend 12 long hours in waters that are home to dangerous sharks. Fortunately, the native Hawaiian was still alive.

With the first rays of the sun he was able to activate radio beacons, and some time later, Levi Verbosity was found by rescuers on the helicopters.

American Levi Verwosetan with the @cq_rescue team who hoisted him to safety after he spent 12 hours on the hull of a capsized boat. While at sea, he sustained himself by catching fish and eating goats he chased across the region’s many islands. #Mackay

— Ashley Pillhofer (@ashpillhofer) November 22, 2018

According to the guy, he’s travelling by boat for almost three years, alone, eating mostly fish and wild goats were hunted on Islands off the coast of Australia.

Levy said that even this incident will not stop him from being late to be back on Board the ship.

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