The man admitted that he killed his pregnant wife and 2 daughters, and then their bodies were dumped in the oil tank

33-year-old resident of Colorado Chris watts during the polygraph test repeatedly denied that he killed his family. But when the police told him he failed the test, the man admitted: «I was not a good man» — he dropped the bodies of their daughters to the «devil» of the oil tank.

November 19, watts was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his wife, Shanan, who was 15 weeks pregnant, and two daughters — four-year-old Bella and three-year Celeste.

According to investigators, the man finished planning the brutal massacre at the party to the birthday of other girls, and then took daughters back home.

Watts killed his wife and children in their beds early on the morning of August 13. The man then carefully played the role of a heartbroken husband and father and was even on TV station KMGH, begging to find a home. A few days after the beginning of the search the girls ‘ bodies were found inside oil tanks, owned by Anadarko Petroleum, where he worked watts.

According to the documents of the police Department of Frederick, August 15 watts volunteered for a polygraph, which showed that the man is lying, when asked if he caused harm to his family, when he saw his wife for the last time and if he knows where she is now.

«I cheated on her, I’m not proud of it… she blamed me for it… I denied it… And I feel terrible… she was pregnant… I didn’t hurt her… I betrayed her… I emotionally hurt her…,» said watts, the FBI agent Graham Sodero during interrogation.

Content allowed the accused’s father Ronnie watts to talk to my son. During their conversation, the man finally admitted that he «was not a good man» and «was furious» because Shannan touched girls.

«She hurt them,’ said watts father. And then I got scared, and hurt her».

The documents, obtained by Dailymail, show that after the offender has not passed the lie detector test, he admitted that he strangled his wife. Later, watts said that he had killed his daughters.

According to the man, after committing the crime, he loaded the body of Bella and Celeste in the truck and went to tanks. His wife, he was buried near the tanks. Then watts went to his workplace and, according to colleagues, he behaved as usual.

During the interrogation, the murderer also admitted that he had an affair with a woman named Nicole Kessinger. District attorney Michael Rourke said that a new love led him to commit a crime.

«He wanted to start a new life, said Rourke in court, is to start a relationship with a new lover that suppressed all decorum and feelings for his wife, his daughters and unborn son.»