Immigrant tried to climb over the border fence and fell on the pins of rebar

While the degree of intensity on the border of Mexico and the United States continues to increase, illegal immigrants do not cease to make attempts to be in America. On Friday, November 23, the next «storm» the border fence over getting a serious injury for the mother of two young children.

Representatives of U.S. Border patrol (United States Border Patrol, USBP) said that 26-year-old citizen of Guatemala had intended to illegally enter the territory of the United States of America, near the checkpoint. For this woman, who arrived to the border, along with two children 3 and 5 years, tried to climb over the fence at the site where construction was going on.

This place just held to replace an old fence, and wanted to take advantage of the immigrant. Overcoming the barrier, the woman slipped and fell directly into the pins sticking out the bottom of the valve. In the end, the immigrant was literally impaled on steel structural elements. She was stabbed in several places, including the buttocks and the sides.

Border patrol arrived at the scene at 20:25 and immediately called rescuers. The staff of the Fire Department of San Diego released the woman and took her to the hospital. Doctors noted that the patient’s health is not in danger. Her children also fell from the fence, but, fortunately, was not injured. Both children were examined by doctors, then handed over to law enforcement.

«Illegal entry into our country, especially by this method, not only dangerous but very stupid. This woman endangered the life and health of children. She could easily die, if not for the speedy intervention of employees of the USBP and professional actions of physicians,» said Rodney Scott, head of the U.S. Border patrol in San Diego.

The victim asserts that has arrived to the US border on their own and not part of many «caravan of immigrants.» However, police doubt the veracity of women and intend to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident.


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