Insurers have called the 5 most dangerous subway stations in new York

The NYPD is concerned about the crime situation in the city subway. On the background seen for almost 30 years, reduce crime in the Big Apple, robberies and sexual harassment in the subway spoil the overall picture.

What the study says

Center auto insurance in the study of transport security has collected and compiled data on the situation in the subway in new York.

So, according to the statistics, notwithstanding the frequent assaults and rapes, the most common crimes in the metro remain theft and vandalism. With regard to crimes related to the possible damage to health of passengers, they are most likely to occur at stations in Manhattan.

Insurers have allocated the most dangerous stations, lines and areas.Insurers have called the 5 most dangerous subway stations in new York

The five metro stations with the worst reputation were:

  • Atlantic Avenue — Barclays Center,
  • 42nd Street — Port Authority Bus Terminal,
  • 149th Street,
  • 42nd Street,
  • Jay Street — MetroTech.

Barclays Center is leading in the number of offenses in the lobby, the crossings and areas adjacent to stations, and 42nd Street is cruelty of the crimes on the platform.

Insurers have called the 5 most dangerous subway stations in new York

How in fact bad

However, some believe that the statistics denigrates one of the safest cities in the United States.

Indeed, the dry figures do not reflect the many nuances in the new York subway. So, in the column related graffiti vandalism, sexual harassment considered a situation, when people are pressed to each other in the crowd, and assault are considered to be cases of collision passengers in narrow aisles during peak hours or when people hurt each other over-sized baggage.

By the way, you may be surprised, but, again according to statistics, the metro is the most popular place for forgery. No, this does not mean that on platforms someone massively «mastyryat» on the knee «ksivu.» Forgery police calls shenanigans passengers with travel documents.

How to safely get from point a to point b

Anyway, the authors of the study recommend that the metro passengers to stay in the most lit places, hiding valuable prophetic the inside pockets of clothes and is possible to be in sight of a guard and employees of the metro.