Police found in the water body of a 13-year-old girl who was kidnapped 3 weeks ago

The body, which was discovered by Lumberton police and the FBI in the County of Robeson, belongs to the eighth-grader Chania town Nolee Aguilar, stolen right in front of her home on 5 November.

According to the FBI, the body of 13-year-old girl was found yesterday, November 27, close to Wire Grass Road at about 16:45. After this, he was sent to the laboratory of legal expertise in Raleigh (NC), for identification.

Today, November 28, the chief of police of Lumberton, Michael MacNeil confirmed that the body belongs to a missing child for whom were issued the Amber Alert.

«We are absolutely devastated. I’d like a different outcome for the family of Haniyeh, for the community and for hundreds of law enforcement officers and the people conducting the search, who have done everything in their power to find her alive,» said MacNeil. According to him, Chania body found in the water, as the FBI announced that it was not visible from the road.

Investigators find body while searching for missing 13-year-old Hania Noelia Aguilar, FBI says. https://t.co/8QmtNpXr09 pic.twitter.com/EvVLIi0lBi

— ABC News (@ABC) November 28, 2018

Agent Andy de La Rocha said that they searched the area near Wire Grass Road after the abduction of Chania town.

«We believe we have found the Chania, but our work is far from complete. We need to figure out how she died and who did this to her, — said de La Rocha. We must prosecute».

Wire Grass Road is located a few miles South of the house Chania town, where she was last seen. Then on 5 November student of Lumberton Junior High School was standing near his home in the Rosewood Mobile Home Park, to go to school. About 7 o’clock in the morning drove up to her green Ford Expedition 2002, there was an unknown man who threw her in the car. Witnesses who heard the cry of the girl claimed that the man was all in black, face concealed yellow bandana.

At this point in this case was not made any arrests. The FBI and Governor Roy Cooper is offering a reward of $30 thousand for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who kidnapped Chania.

According to police, the stolen SUV was found abandoned about 10 miles from the house Chania town shortly after her disappearance.