In the Bronx shot and killed a woman in his apartment through the door

45-year-old Wendy Martinez was shot and killed on Saturday evening in his apartment on the first floor on the East 156 street in the Grand Congress in new York. She was at home with a teenage son. Someone called, when she got fired through the door.

Wendy Martinez (left) was shot through the peephole of her Bronx apartment

— Bronx Roundup (@BronxRU) November 25, 2018

Shot around 10 PM I heard the neighbor who called the police and medics. According to him, the shot was single, then he heard receding down the stairs. Police found the victim lying on the floor unconscious. The arrived physicians have determined that she was dead. Presumably, the killer was dressed in blue sweat suit with a tight hood.

A blood soaked sheet in the foyer sits where Wendy Martinez was shoot through her apartment peephole Saturday night.

— Myles Miller (@MylesMill) November 25, 2018

Neighbors describe the woman, how kind, attentive and friendly, calm woman. The police still don’t say anything definite about the possible causes of the murder. One of the versions associated with her eldest son Brian Solano. 25-year-old Solano recently released from custody, where he was convicted of a mass shooting in December 2014. Relatives and friends of the victims then people repeatedly threatened him with violence and were outraged by the soft punishment.

‘It’s shocking’: Mom shot dead through apartment door while checking the peephole — Bronx resident Wendy Martinez (45) gets a knock on her door, her chicks peep hole and gets shot. Cops do not believe she was the intended target but it’s a safe building 🤔

— 👸🏾Princess Shay O Garro (@Yes_ItsPrinc3ss) November 25, 2018

The Martinez family was preparing to celebrate the 46th birthday Wendy, but now concerned about the funeral arrangements they would like to send the body home in the Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, the police are taking measures to ensure the safety of the younger, 15-year-old son of Wendy and psychological assistance to him. The teenager was in the apartment when the murder occurred, and witnessed the death of his mother.