Explosion in new Jersey destroyed the house and hurt local school

Grum on the Road in Hardstone, new Jersey around 11 p.m. the explosion occurred. Completely destroyed the building number 33 on this street. In the neighboring houses shattered Windows. Damaged school building, which today decided to cancel classes. After the incident was closed the traffic on Grum Road.

House explodes, terrifying people in several NJ towns https://t.co/RbW0pUfnOn via @ABC7NY#BreakingNews #Hardyston Township #Explosion #Grumm Road #Sussex County, New Jersey #Hamburg#explosion#hardyston nj#house explosion hardyston nj#nj herald
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— mir quadeer (@QuadeersultanM) November 28, 2018

A 911 call from neighbors who heard a strong noise of an explosion and glass shattering in their homes. Assured fire that destroyed the house at the time of the explosion, people were not. Authorities report that the house was empty for several months. Preliminary cause of the explosion I think the detonation of the propane tank. These are used by the inhabitants of many houses on this street.

Pipeline natural gas is not far, but yet to a few houses on the Road Grum queue connection did not come, and they have to use explosive cylinders.