The police took sweets for methamphetamine and by mistake put the woman in jail

A resident of the state of Georgia filed a lawsuit against the police officers, the County Monroe and the company Sirchie Acquisition Company that produces the drug tests.

The reason for this was the erroneous detention Dasha Fincher in 2016, which she had 3 months to sit in jail. Police found that a blue substance found in women in the car, includes meth, and a special test confirmed their suspicions. In fact, the package was the usual cotton candy.

The lawsuit States that on 31 December 2016 employees of the Monroe County police stopped the car, a passenger who was Dasha Finer. Officers thought the driver broke the rules of toning of glasses, but when checking it was found that the degree of darkening was normal. However, the law enforcement officers did not stop and decided to search the car.

The police took sweets for methamphetamine and by mistake put the woman in jail

What surprise of the owner of the car and his passenger when a drug test revealed meth sweets. Photo:сс/kimrossi/

In the end, they found a package containing suspicious substance spherical blue. The driver and a female passenger explained that it was just cotton candy. The officers didn’t believe and checked the find with test for methamphetamine.

What was the surprise of the car owner and the passenger, when the company’s product Sirchie Acquisition Company revealed in sweet drugs. People were immediately arrested for possession and possible trafficking in methamphetamine. Arguments and explanations Fincher police didn’t want to listen, and soon the woman was in prison.

During the investigation the court decided to leave Fincher under arrest, setting bail at $1 million Because the money the woman had, she had three months to wait for the results of a special analysis conducted by the Bureau of forensic medical examination in the state of Georgia.

Only at the end of March 2017, a report was published which confirmed the truth of the words Dasha Fincher. Surprisingly, even after law enforcement authorities were not in a hurry to release the woman. She was released from prison only on 4 April and already knew that he was going to punish the culprits of this incident.

While under arrest, Fincher was really worried for his family and could not understand how in sweet cotton took drugs. Every day she called home to talk to my family and most worried that the beloved granddaughter will forget the grandmother.

Now Dasha Fincher intends to bring to justice all involved in this case: from the officers who made the erroneous pretext stopped the car, and ending with the producer of the tests. Moreover, the investigation revealed that the products Sirchie Acquisition Company on a regular basis gives an error.

Already know about the 145 cases where sparabara showed false results. Because of this, the police of Georgia was even forced to change the rules of use of the SAC test. Apparently, Fincher was not the only victim of defective products.


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