African American helped the drunk neighbor to get home and hit the police (video)

23-year-old Samir Ahmed from silver springs, in Montgomery County (Maryland), who was arrestedafter he helped to get home drunk neighbor, believes that the key factor in this case was his race.

17 Nov boy brought home drunken neighbor (he constantly fell) and suddenly noticed that on the street there are rescue vehicles and police. As reported in the district police, someone noticed «dyminu» a drunk man, called the emergency services. Ahmed, in his words, said with man it’s all right, but when the officer asked the address of the neighbor, the young man did not answer, as «felt that the matter was settled».

The result is Samira Ahmed was arrested. Eyewitnesses removed on the phone like 3 officers wring his hands.

On the video relatives, and neighbors Ahmed screaming that he did nothing wrong.

«He helped the man. He helped him!» — shouts one of the women.

After the arrest one of the officers explained to the crowd that pravoohranitelnye speaking with Ahmed, «felt coming from him the smell of marijuana.»

Later, the police wrote in the act of search, found out the guy’s package with a substance similar to cannabis.

«If I had blond hair and blue eyes, it would not be a problem,» — said yesterday, on November 27, Samir Ahmed.

Today, the Department Montgomery County police made an official statement, noting that they «are studying all the circumstances connected with the arrest to determine whether they violated any procedures or laws.» Also will be studied videos from wearable cameras for officers.

Samir Ahmed, working as a sound engineer, should appear in court in January.

«He helped the man, and it is made criminal,» said his lawyer Wyndal Gordon.

We will remind, in October in Georgia, a woman called the police because an African American, prismatrivalsya for white children.