In new York 6-year-old girl almost strangled with a scarf in a school bus

On long island investigating the incident, which occurred recently in a school bus.

On Tuesday, November 27, 6-year-old student Charles E. Walters Elementary School in the town Yaphank (new York) came from a school bus she was returning home after classes, right in the hospital. The girl was almost strangled with a scarf.

By words a press-the Secretary of the school district, the student behind the girls (name withheld), was strongly pulling on her scarf. The child began to choke.

The bus driver, seeing what was happening, stopped and immediately called 911. The arrived physicians hospitalized the girl. Her life is not threatened, but the night the little girl had to spend the hospital.

«Our students are still children. Although such behavior is cruel, we understand that these actions were not malicious,» added the press-Secretary of the school district.

Adults urged to talk to kids about respect for fellow students and behavior on the school bus. However, the next day after the incident, some parents do not allow their children to ride the school bus.

«I think this could have been avoided if the bus was someone from the parents or some volunteer. It can be arranged,» said Jeff hill, the father of the child who is also studying in primary school. Charles E. Waters.

We will remind, earlier this month in new York accompanying a school bus allowed himself to make fun of the retarded girl.