The kind words of the nuns forced the thief to return the stolen gifts to hospice

Nuns from the state of Maryland because the attacker has lost a part of Christmas giftsprepared for hospice, but this story has a good ending.

The Little Sisters of the Poor is an order of nuns that operates in Baltimore hospice called «House of St. Martin». Hospice exists only through donations.

On Tuesday, November 27, Joe’s sister Caroline and sister Bernadette (both in monastic garb) walked out of the store Columbia Costco with two carts full of gifts. The gifts were purchased for the staff and patients of the hospice.

Sisters started loading shopping into the car when they were approached by a man — also with a cart.

«He approached and offered his assistance. We thought it was a good Samaritan. Christmas is coming, and his spirit is in the air. Of course, we are not even thinking about some kind of a trick,» — said sister Caroline.

When the man put all purchases in the trunk, sister Bernadette shook his hand and looked into my eyes.

«I said we are so grateful for the help! Yes, God bless you, I will pray for you».

When the nuns arrived home, they opened the trunk and saw that half of their purchases had disappeared. According to them, they were just going to call the police when they received a call from Costco. Store employees reported that the gifts are in the Parking lot. The attacker for some reason still decided not to take them for himself.

The sisters believe the kind words forced the man to abandon the stolen goods.

«You never know how your words will affect another and inspire him,» said sister Caroline.

Anyone who wants to make donations to the Little Sisters of the Poor, can learn more about them through the link.