The airline employees laughed at a child with the name Abcde

Texan outraged by the behavior of the employee is Southwest Airlines, which, she said, mocked the name of her 5-year-old daughterand posted a photo of her boarding pass on social media.

As told KABC channel Tracey Redford of El Paso (Texas), her daughter’s name is Abcde (the family name is pronounced as «Absidi»).

According to Redford, the incident occurred a few weeks ago when she and her daughter ready to go home to El Paso from Santa Ana (Calif.).

«Employee of Southwest Airlines at the airport I read in the papers the name of my daughter and started to laugh, point fingers and tell others about our employees, — says the woman. — I turned around and said, actually, I can hear you, and that means that my child can hear. It will be good if you just keep quiet, OK?».

Tracy Redford added, while she and her daughter waited for the landing, the Southwest employee took a picture of a boarding pass, which indicated an unusual girl’s name, and then published photos in social networks.

Tracy only found out about it a few days later when other people who saw the photo on Facebook, complained to the airline and told her.

Recently Southwest Airlines has brought Redford apologize, saying that the actions of their employee «are inconsistent with the care, courtesy, and respect they require from their employees.»

Even though Abcde — a very unusual name, but it is not unique. According to the website Vocativ, over the past 30 years, 328 girls in the United States received this name (data for 2014). According to the website, often referred to as children in Hawaii and in new Mexico.

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