Man set fire to a luxury mansion to hide the brutal murder of his brother, his wife and 2 children

Due to financial problems 51-year-old resident of new Jersey Paul Caneiro decided to kill the family of his brother.

On 20 November in a huge mansion in colts Neck fire broke out. Rescuers, who arrived about 12: 30, found near the burning house the body of 50-year-old Keith Caneiro, shot in the head. And inside the house were found the remains of 3 people: 45-year-old wife of Keith Jennifer Canaro and their 2 children — 11-year-old Jesse and 8 year old Sofia. On the woman’s body had multiple stab and gunshot wounds, and the girls were stabbed.

Tech CEO Keith Caneiro, his wife, Jennifer Caniero, and their two children were found dead Tuesday after a mysterious shooting and fire at their mansion in Colts Neck, New Jersey:

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Earlier in the day, around 5 a.m., firefighters extinguished a fire in the house Floor, Kanara in the ocean, near colts Neck. The men during a fire in the house was not, and his wife, Susan, and daughters Marisa and Katan, suspecting nothing, slept in.

Prosecutors believe that on that day the events unfolded as follows: at about 4 am Paul Caneiro arrived in colts Neck, killed his brother and his family, and then burned down their house. The fire started in the basement, so the house is not flashed. And only after several hours.

After the massacre the man went to his own house and torched it to «destroy evidence» from the crime scene and create the impression that the arsonists were aimed at both brothers.

«In my experience, this is the most brutal case I’ve seen here,» said Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni.

Paul Caneiro charged with murder of his brother Keith and family

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The brothers grew up in Brooklyn and Staten island. After marriage, Paul and Kate, together with their families settled in new Jersey. According to friends of the family, the brothers had a strained relationship because of the business. Canero ruled more by the company «EcoStar Pest Management», and Kate Canero — «Square One».

A law enforcement source said that Square One «struggling trying to stay afloat.» Investigators believe that the family business was the motive for the massacre of his brother.