An employee of the kindergarten, admitted that he strangled 8-month-old baby because she is tired

24-year-old Leah Walden, a kindergarten teacher in Baltimore, pleaded guilty to the murder of eight-month-old girl she was strangled with a blanket because she didn’t want to fall asleep.

Tuesday, November 27, the judge Altea Hanji Walden sentenced to 70 years in prison for the murder of little Rhys Bowman at Rocket Tiers Learning Center in may 2017.

«I’ll never see my baby taking its first steps, not going to hold her, to kiss her to calm down when she’s scared, hear how she says «I love you,» said a crying father Justin Bowman during the trial. — I’m devastated.»

According to the father of the deceased, the incident so shocked the family that they are unable to continue to live in Baltimore, and they had to move to another city sell your house and change jobs.

During the court session Walden tried to justify herself by saying that she is broke, and besides, were not necessary for Tutors training.

According to assistant state’s attorney Anne Colt Leitess, before committing the crime Walden complained to a colleague that Reese she was tired.

«I hate this little brat. I want to punch her in the face», — said the teacher.

According to court documents, the day of the murder Walden returned from lunch and saw that Reese is not sleeping. Angry, the teacher dumped her on a pile of blankets and began to choke.

Initially, Walden insisted that she put the baby to sleep, and then came back to it 45 minutes later when she was already dead. But surveillance cameras recorded the events. During the trial the prosecutors showed the tape, which can be seen as the girl with all the forces trying to escape when the teacher stifles her with blankets.

Leah Walden: A Daycare charged in death of eight-month-old girl

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After that, Walden admitted that he really did this on purpose, but added that really didn’t want that to happen.

Sister Queen Samantha Carlton told the court that Walden is not a monster and not a bad person. She then apologized to the parents of the deceased girl.