A child in a coma: 7-year-old girl to ever come out of a school bus was hit by pickup truck

A series of accidents involving children at bus stops.

7-year-old Skil Sireel from Maryland is in critical condition after Tuesday, November 27, was struck by a pickup as she was exiting a school bus in Bryantown.

According to the County Sheriff’s office Charles, the culprit turned out to be 35-year-old woman who was driving a Ford F-250. She brought down the schoolgirl when she crossed the street, heading to his house, although at the time of the incident the bus has activated flashing red lights and the stop signal.

Family friend and housemate Mike Wathen told WJLA that his children were near the scene.

«Three little boys were pretty shook up, he said. – It was difficult for them last night, they asked questions about what happened to her. They all saw».

Girl in critical condition was urgently taken to Children’s National Hospital in Washington.

Skyla Shirriel remains hospitalized tonight. Yesterday as she got off her sxhool bus she was hit by a driver who police say ran through the bus blinkers and stop sign. Tonight a repeated plea from bus drivers and school officials for drivers to «just stop» @ABC7News pic.twitter.com/ErCkJZTcrq

— Brad Bell (@ABC7Brad) November 28, 2018

«Late in the evening she was put in a medically induced coma,» — said Wathen.

Bryantown is about an hour drive South-East of Washington (DC).

The police are still investigating the incident, but this problem is becoming too common. In most States, drivers are required to stop when you see a standing school bus with included lights, but they often do not.

After the tragic accident in Indiana 24-year-old Alyssa shepherd told investigators that he saw flashing emergency lights but didn’t realize that it’s a school bus until it was too late. As a result, she knocked down students-twins and their sister.