The commander of the Fifth fleet of the US Navy found dead in Bahrain

Tragic news came from the territory of the island state of Bahrain. There was found dead a senior military, who commanded the Fifth fleet of the U.S. Navy. According to the preliminary version, the Vice-Admiral committed suicide.

As reported by the representatives of the naval forces of the United States, Scott Stubble was found dead on December 1 at his residence in Bahrain. Version with a violent death is not considered, because lots of evidence points to the obvious fact of suicide. The reasons for this action are unknown.

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Scott Stubble was found dead December 1, at his residence in Bahrain. Photo: wiki

«This is devastating news for the family of Stubble, for the employees of the 5th fleet and all naval forces. This man was an experienced warrior, marked by military awards, and a loyal husband and father, and good friend to all of us», — reads the statement of the US Navy.

Scott Stubble commanded the Fifth fleet, which holds a special place in the middle East. Main area of responsibility of this compound is the Western part of the Indian ocean and the Persian Gulf war and became one of the main reasons for its creation.

Now the Fifth fleet of the U.S. Navy plays a determinant role in the politics of the White house in the middle East. The composition of the compound consists of a combat vessel of the Pacific and Atlantic fleets, which are deployed on a rotational basis. The main base is located in the capital of Bahrain, Manama.

Deceased Vice Admiral Scott Stubble was a native of Chicago and served as a pilot in several squadrons of the naval forces of the United States. He took command of the Fifth fleet recently – in may 2018.


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