In Utah a man with an iron pipe beaten by Latinos shouting: «I’m here to kill a Mexican!»

Law enforcement agencies in Utah are investigating a horrible attack on Mexican-Americans in the city of salt lake city, which occurred last Tuesday.

Then to the store Lopez Tyres burst inadequate man, who cried: «I’m here to kill a Mexican!». In the attack one person was able to get rid of a laceration of the hand and lots of bruises, but the second victim was seriously injured faces.

As told by the officers of the police Department salt lake city, November 27, in a shop selling tires included 50-year-old Alan Covington. The man was tuned extremely aggressive and stated that he hates Hispanics and came to kill the Mexican. After that, Covington was attacked with an iron pipe on the store owner and his son. People don’t even have time to understand what is happening.

In Utah a man with an iron pipe beaten by Latinos shouting: «I’m here to kill a Mexican!»
In the attack a young man received a severe injury of the face. Photo: GoFundMe

The attack 51-year-old Jose Lopez, received a lacerated wound of the hand, which later imposed eight stitches and numerous bruises on his back. His son, 18-year-old Louis suffered much more serious. In addition to hitting the body, the striker smashed a guy’s skull in the right area of the face. Because of this, Louis had to endure a 3-hour surgery to install titanium plates instead of the fractured bone.

Native young men have organized a fundraiser for a popular charity platform GoFundMe. In just 2 days people donated more than $48 thousand the Lopez Family are very grateful to all who responded to plea for help and helped their child to pay for the treatment.

Paradoxically, Alan Covington will not be charged with a crime motivated by racial hatred, though he openly stated this. This situation is associated with the specifics of the penal code of Utah, which are regularly criticized by human rights organizations.

In Utah a man with an iron pipe beaten by Latinos shouting: «I’m here to kill a Mexican!»

Instead of punishment for assaulting a racist, the man charged in the beating of people with aggravating circumstances. In addition, he was convicted of illegal possession of drugs and weapons.

The Lopez family is unhappy with the current situation and its position is shared by district attorney SIM Gill. He acknowledged that may not require in respect of Covington punishment that is commensurate with the damage and injuries he caused these people. We are talking about that in Utah crimes of hate are considered to be offences committed with a purpose to intimidate the victim.

According to rights activists, over the last 20 years in this region was not brought to court on any criminal offence committed on the basis of hatred. However, local legislators are in no hurry to revise the existing laws. Even representatives of law enforcement agencies agree that a legal definition of such crimes should be reviewed.


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