Mother accused that she drowned and decapitated 5-year-old son

Many people are afraid of horror movies, but the reality is even worse.

43-year-old Lihui Lew of Houston (TX) charged that she drowned and beheaded his 5-year-old son.

UPDATE: Booking photo of Lihui Liu, 43, arrested and now charged with capital murder of her 5-year-old son at the family’s home in the 13000 block of Holly Lynn. Our officers responded to a stabbing call at the home about 7 pm last night & observed the child already deceased. #hounews

— Houston Police (@houstonpolice) October 1, 2018

On Friday, November 30, at 7 p.m., the police arrived on call at the address 13000 block of Holly Lynn and in the garage found the headless baby body. It is known that militiamen were called by the homeowner. (His name is not mentioned.)

According to the man, the day he left for work. House left his wife (the most Lihui Lew), and 2 of their children — 13-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son. After returning from work, the father is not found of his wife and son at home and went to look for them. The wife he found in the garage. The question of where the child, the woman responded that «kicked him out», but later admitted that his body is in the dumpster, which stood here in the garage. The headless body was wrapped in a plastic bag, the head was lying separately.

Later, the officers found in the bathroom a bloody knife, the tub itself was also covered with blood.

Lew admitted that the drowned son but refused to talk about the beheading. A possible motive for the murder of a young boy not made public.

Service for the protection of children confirmed that they had contacted the family in 2015, but details are not reported. However, it is known that children from the custody of parents have never taken.

According to preliminary information, pour several months suffered from mental illness.

The woman was charged with murder 1st degree, she is in jail without the right of bail. Lew is expected to appear at a preliminary hearing in court today, December 3.

Recall that the Baltimore woman was killed when she wanted to «mother» him from a car window.