A 136-pound woman killed boyfriend, sitting on him (photos)

A resident of Erie (state of Pennsylvania) pleaded guilty to the murder of her boyfriend. The cause of death of 44-year-old Movie Butler was strangulation and neck injury after 44-year-old Windy Thomas, weighing 136 pounds, sat on him during the fight.

The incident occurred in March of this year, and an admission of guilt, Windy Thomas did yesterday, 3 December, in the framework of the agreement with the prosecution.

Now the woman faces 18 to 36 years in prison for the murder of the third degree, whereas without admission of guilt, the term of imprisonment could be 10 years longer.

Pennsylvania 300lb woman, 44, who crushed her 120lb boyfriend by SITTING on him, pleads guilty to murder #Windi Thomas, 44, attacked her boyfriend Keeno Butler, 44, with a knife and a table leg after a row at their home in Eerie, Pennsylvania in March pic.twitter.com/R1aSzMvQYX

— Xie Zehua (@xzh_4400) December 4, 2018

«I think this is a very good result, — said the lawyer of the accused, the court-appointed mark Del Duca from Pittsburgh (PA). — I think this is a fair solution for both sides.»

Disagree, the sister of the deceased, Sandra Butler. «I will not hide: we would like for her more severe punishments. She deserved a life sentence,» said the woman.

According to investigators Erie County, March 18, between the Movie and the Windy, civil spouses there was a quarrel, which quickly escalated into assault. Initially, the Windy stabbed her boyfriend with a knife, then stabbed with the broken-off leg of a table, and when the man fell I got on him and a Movie suffocated. After the incident, the woman came to her senses and she called 911, saying he killed a man.

According to Sandra Butler, her family still cannot recover from the March tragedy. «Mom called dead son in a dream every night,» said sister Butler Movie.

Before the verdict, Whitney Thomas will remain in jail without the right of bail. Her sentence will be announced on December 21.