American from Odessa has survived after attack of angry hippos in Africa

The inhabitant of Odessa (FL) who went on vacation in Africa, incredibly lucky: she survived the attack of an angry mothers hippos.

A trip to South Africa and Zimbabwe, Kristen of Aldor decided to celebrate his 37th birthday.

Together with her husband Ryan and 2 guides (they were on a nearby boat), she swam in the Zambezi, suddenly under the canoe spouses ducked Behemoth and suddenly turned it over.

American from Odessa has survived after attack of angry hippos in AfricaBehemoth is one of the most dangerous animals on the planet

Ryan was more fortunate — he emerged near a small island where he could get out, and the Hippo, meanwhile, clamped in his powerful jaws the leg of Kristen.

The woman survived but is still in intensive care in South Africa.

«Somehow a miracle can not call it, — said in an interview with Tampa Bay Times Martin Alder, mother-in-law of the victim. — If at least one tooth of an animal caught the femoral artery, Kristen in a matter of minutes would have bled out».

The representative of the National Park Zimbabwe and local Administration for the protection of wildlife Tinashe Farawa noted that tourists are always encouraged to exercise vigilance and caution.

«Never underestimate these animals. Just stay away from them,» said Fareva.

Guides accompanying claim that he tried to divert the Hippo and yelled Kristen, so that she floated to the island. But her husband said that everything was different.

«They said there was a Hippo and a calf. We would have gone the other way. But Kristen could not sail — the animal grabbed her instantly,» said Ryan of Aldor.

In addition, according to the man, the guides did not work the radio, causing the arrival of rescuers was pretty late.