On long island grandmother gave the swindler $45 000 — for son’s release from custody

In long island 81-year-old woman suffered from actions of the swindler lure her $45 000. The unknown man told her that her son was arrested for hitting a pedestrian, and for bail urgently need $7500. Then asked for another $7500, and later he told her that as it turned out, the victim was a pregnant woman and need another $30 000.

Nassau County police commissioner says let’s catch this “piece of garbage” — a scammer rips off an 81 year old Oceanside Woman of 45 thousand dollars in cash!!! Call 1-800-244-TIPS. News 12 Long Island @News12LI pic.twitter.com/QGCttnIbZe

— Danielle Campbell (@DCampbellN12) December 4, 2018

As reported by PIX 11, citing a police source, the attacker (his photo at the top of the frame recording security cameras) first reported 81-year-old resident of long island, that her son was responsible for an accident in which the injured person, and is now under arrest. To rescue urgently need $7500. The woman believed him and let him in to his home, giving them the required amount. However, a little later, the man again contacted her and said that the amount of bail that son released from detention, increased to $15,000 and came to the Granny again, taking another $7500.

Now even seasoned detectives are amazed at the greed of the scammer — after a little time he got involved with an unhappy woman for the third time and said that things were much worse. Supposedly the accident injured a pregnant woman. Because of what happened she lost the pregnancy, and to hush up the case, you need another $30 000. Elderly mother to believe again and gave the crook the money. Only after that, the woman decided to call the police. As a result, all opened.

Detectives ask anyone who saw the attacker, immediately report to the police. It is known that he was driving a four-door Honda dark colors, when saw him last time.