Police looking for suspicious man who followed 11-year-old girl for 5 blocks

The NYPD is looking for a suspicious man who was walking five blocks for the girl. The child returned from school, near Marcy Avenue home. Suspecting something was amiss, the girl ran away. The man (pictured below) was dressed in a light grey leather jacket with a hood and blue jeans.

11-Year-Old Girl are being Stalked by a Man After School in Williamsburg: NYPD https://t.co/6jelAbxxOl

— GreenpointPost (@greenpointpost) December 5, 2018

11-year-old girl told the police that she was harassed on the street by a man. As found by the cops, including using the records from street cameras, the young man followed the girl from street Cooper to Kent Avenue (Williamsburg, Brooklyn).

The NYPD does not believe that the man necessarily had evil intent against Schoolgirls, but asks anyone who knows this person, call on the phone 1-800-577-8477.