In the USA a man was arrested after he «scored» a tool in the genitals of a neighbor

Utah resident accused that he scored tool similar to an ice pick, in the penis the man that lived with him.

As reported by Sergeant melody gray, 45-year-old Jason Di Magna was arrested on November 18 at riverside (CA) in the house of relatives.

According to police, 30 August Mohn entered into a squabble with his roommate. Arrested allegedly believed that he attacked the woman, although officers could not verify this information.

According to court documents, during an argument, the accused took in the sights of his neighbor and handcuffed him to the arms of the chair. Then Mohn told the victim that he has a choice: «either it sends him to the desert and kill or knock a nail into his genitals». The man chose the latter of the two options stated in the indictment.

After this Mohn began to implement his plan. He laid down under the genitals of the victim Board, and then use the rusty hammer has scored in a tool similar to an ice pick.

The accused threatened the neighbor, if he starts to fight back, he’ll kill him.

After the alleged attack Mohn was removed from the victim’s handcuffs, let him put a bandage on his genitals, and then ordered to leave. The next morning the man with the wounded went to the hospital.

Man arrested for hammering ice pick-like tool through housemate»s genitals

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Magno was charged with the kidnapping and sexual assault under aggravating circumstances, as well as in causing injury and assault. Now he is in Salt Lake County Jail.

The court set bail at $250 thousand In court documents, the case is described as domestic violence. Also it says that men live together, but does not specify in what respects they were.