Two aircraft of naval forces of the United States crashed in Japan

The accident happened off the coast of Japan. From 2 military aircraft — a fighter-bomber F/A-18 and the tanker aircraft C-130 — crashed under mysterious circumstances. On Board Aviastar was a total of 7 people.

According to information provided by the management of the marine Corps (United States Marine Corps US Marines), the crew have gone missing on their quest sent a special group.

The military said that the incident occurred on Wednesday, December 5, at around 2 a.m. local time during a training mission. Both the air ship eventually fell into the water.

Representatives of the US Armed forces avoid to give comments about the disaster. According to them, now early to speak about the reasons which caused the accident, and now the main task is the search for survivors.

It is known that immediately after the incident to the crash site went Japanese search-and-rescue aircraft. Later they were joined by a naval vessel and an American military. At the moment there is no information about the results of the rescue operation.


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