In new York a man got into a shootout with police, injuring passers-by

Yesterday, December 5, in the Bronx, unknown staged a gunfight with police, during which they wounded a woman and 12-year-old girl. The assailant also wounded in the neck and leg and was arrested.

As reported in a press-conferences the chief of the police Department of new York (NYРD) Terence Monaghan, the incident occurred around 6 p.m. in the lobby of the residential complex 98 West 183rd Street. As shown by the records from surveillance cameras, the shooter, apparently, came there to make a deal to buy the drugs, but suddenly pulled out from the seller bag, and then started shooting at people who were in the lobby of the building. Luckily he didn’t hit.

The police arrived on the scene, saw the man with the red backpack, fled on Loring Place.

«One of the officers approached, the suspect opened fire, trying to escape. One police officer pursued the man by car, the other ran after him down the street,» said Monaghan.

During the shooting, passers-by were injured: a woman was shot in the stomach, and 12-year — old girl in the leg. As the head of the NYРD, both victims are in hospital «in stable condition».

The name of the shooter is not yet known, as well as someone who is wounded victims: the shooter or the police. There is a consequence.

UPDATE (3/3): As the suspect approached 152 Fordham Road, he was taken into custody.

Pictured is the firearm and the backpack that was recovered at the scene.

— NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) August 6, 2018

«This man shot indiscriminately in the building, on the street, in police. He was dangerous,» said Terence Monaghan.

Local residents also heard the shooting.

«It was like quick claps: clap clap clap-clap — said a resident of University Heights district. — When you hear this, immediately rush to escape hell».