In a cemetery in Connecticut threw the remains of the dead, to make room for the new

In Connecticut arrested a former cemetery caretaker , a woman named Dale, Laprad. She is accused of vandalizing more than 100 graves at a cemetery in Bridgeport.

The police have asked people whose relatives were buried in the cemetery. They noticed something was wrong: missing a headstone somewhere, the earth seemed dug.

According to police, they investigated and were shocked. As it turned out, several years old remains, tombs and coffins, even the caretaker of the cemetery… just dumped in a nearby forest, just garbage. Motives Dale Laprad is not known, as she refused to give any comments.

According to local authorities, presumably, she did it to «make room for the new burial». After searching in the forest law enforcement officers came to the conclusion that it was desecrated more than 130 graves, the old ruined graves dated to the 1970-ies.

In the middle of the last century, the cemetery was considered the burial place of poor people, but later they began to bury veterans of the Second world war.

Local resident Cheryl Jansen, whose relatives are buried in this cemetery, said that still may not come:

«I never thought that you should worry about, not causing anyone harm already dead people. It turns out that in our days it happens».

«She moved the headstone from the grave of my mother, — said another local resident, Jean Mattocks. — When people put up a tombstone, it should stay there forever. My mother was everything to me, and I’m furious».

Found in the woods the bones will now have to identify to be reburied.

A former caretaker of the cemetery will appear before court on December 18th.