Airbus skidded off the strip at the airport in Hollywood

About 9 a.m. today at the airport in Burbank (Hollywood) the aircraft of the airline Southwest Airlines, carrying out flight 278 from Auckland, landing skidded off the runway. Airbus managed to stop only 30 metres from the busy highway engineering barriers.

From outside the aircraft #burbank @SouthwestAir

— Moe Storch (@MoeStorch) December 6, 2018

Los Angeles today were struck by unprecedented heavy rains that turned many streets into rivers. It is the rain tentatively called the most probable cause of the incident that occurred at the Burbank airport. When landing, the humidity made it difficult to brake and the aircraft, going all the runway, continued movement in the direction of the Hollywood freeway that could lead to this tragedy. Fortunately, the plane stopped in the face of engineering obstacles 30 metres from the motorway.

All who were on Board, felt a strong jolt, and experienced exciting moments, but none of the passengers and crew members were not injured, although the aircraft suffered serious damage.

Southwest Airlines cancels all flights at Burbank airport until at least 3pm. Passengers told to go to LAX or book flights for tomorrow.

— Gina Silva (@ginasilvafox11) December 6, 2018

It is reported that the airport works in a regular mode, only certain flights can be delayed. However, passengers Southwest Airlines post information on Twitter that their flights postponed until tomorrow. «Southwest Airlines cancels all flights at Burbank airport until 15:00. Passengers were told to go to Los Angeles or to order tickets for tomorrow,» writes, for example, Gina Silva.

This accident happened in 2000 to a Southwest Boeing 737-300 that overran runway 08 at Burbank Airport before EMAS had been installed. And yes, it stopped next to a gas station:

— Aviation Safety Net (@AviationSafety) October 6, 2018

Aviaexport Aviation Safety notice that in the same airport, a similar incident is not the first time: «This kind of accident happened in 2000 at the Southwest Boeing 737-300 that was crossing the runway 08 at Burbank airport before been installed EMAS. And Yes, he stopped next to a petrol station». Well established engineering boom, but maybe have something to do with the band?