The driver picked up on a busy highway toddlers who escaped from daycare

Several children walked along a busy highway in North Carolina, until they noticed prothuses by car.

It happened on Tuesday, December 4, in kindergarten at Pinedale Christian Church in North Carolina. Two teachers looked after the group of 20 kids on the Playground. But at some point, six of the children aged 2 to 3 years, quietly left.

«The fugitives» had entered the Church, walked down the corridor, and five of them went outside. The sixth child was so small that I couldn’t open the door.

According to an eyewitness, Angie Herman, she, along with her fiancé went on Peters Creek Parkway. She looked at the road, and were amazed.

«That little boy running along the Central strip, she said the TV station WGHP. — I shout for my fiance: «Find it, take it, take it, take it!»»

In this area also turned out to be an officer. Angie, her fiance and a police officer picked up all the kids and then came to the conclusion that the guys came from the nearby kindergarten.

When they returned the kids to the institution, the educators assured: they did not notice that someone is missing or absent.

«They could steal! They were able to move!», — outraged the witness, adding that none of the kids was not wearing the robe, even though it was cool.

According to police, on the road, where they found the children, the maximum allowed speed was 90 km.

@PinedaleCC officials confirm 6 3 year olds broke away from their teachers at this playground, slipped through the front doors & got onto the embankment of #PetersCreekParkway. @cityofwspolice responded to the call Tuesday. Church officials say teachers have been disciplined @NBC weather plus

— Adaure Achumba (@adaure) December 5, 2018

Senior Minister Pinedale Christian Church Matthew sink expressed gratitude for the fact that none of the children were not injured.

«Perhaps for me and for our leaders this is the most shameful thing that has ever happened, said sink WISN. — I have no explanation for what happened, and I will not forgive this.»

According to Cinca, would-be educators will no longer work with children.

«We were wrong,’ said Snik. — There is no point in trying to whitewash it or hide it. We just have to accept it and decide how to move forward in this matter.»

The incident is investigated by the police, joined the social security administration.

26 July 2018 kindergarten passed the test of Department of child development and preschool education in North Carolina. He received the «highest» classification with a score of 229 out of 235 points.