At the Google headquarters in Manhattan was a dead man

In the office headquarters of the American Corporation Google was discovered dead man.

According to the police Department of new York yesterday, December 7, at about 21:00 on the sixth floor of a building located at 111 Eighth Ave. about W. 16th St., was found the employee who was unconscious. The man died at the scene, according to the NYPD.

The police have established the identity of the deceased. They found 22-year-old Scott Krulik, who lived on W. 11th St. and was a Google employee.

According to sources the Daily News in the police, the body Krolika was not visible injuries, and failed to find any evidence of drug use. The forensic examination needs to determine what the man died. The NYPD announced about a possible murder.

Google, which is one of the largest tenants and owners of expensive real estate in Chelsea, bought a building on Eighth Ave. in 2011. This year the company also acquired the complex of buildings of the Chelsea Market, for $2.4 billion.

And last month the Wall Street Journal reported that the company plans to buy another building in the West village, to provide jobs for 12 thousand employees.

This year in the main office another brand giant YouTube is also the incident occurred. April 3, an unknown opened fire at the California headquarters of the company, injuring several people.