«I can’t give up»: the girl that eradicated his eyes on meth, told about that day

In February of this year in South Carolina, there was a shocking story that wrote all the American media. 21-year-old Kaylee Mutant from Anderson while under the influence of methamphetamine, squeezed his eyeballs right in front of the Church and squeezed them in his hands, while the shocked congregation struggled trying to stop her.

The girl told PEOPLE about the incident that made her blind and forever changed her life. In recognition of Kaylee, she «sniffed and poured» a spoiled drugs for about 48 hours before you commit a shocking act of mutilation.

«Drugs are mastering your fears and amplify them – said kaley, who moved the operation to save the optic nerve. – I thought I should get my eyes to survive and save the world.»

After treatment, the girl went to a mental hospital for rehabilitation. As reported by PEOPLE, Kaylee considers herself a «recovering addict». According to her, in fact it is not difficult to become sober again.

«She was given a second chance, says the mother of the victim, Kathy Tompkins, noting the gradual formation of his daughter. Now she clearly understands where it’s going. Part of this journey is to help people by telling my story.»

But the mother still admits that she still difficult to accept what happened.

«Such potential, such beauty, says Katie Tompkins. And her eyes – they were like the ocean they could see her soul.»

In her words: Kaylee Muthart explains what made her pull out her eyes, https://t.co/Wu1ixLOOqN via @MikeEllis_AIM pic.twitter.com/0QiwkjqJuB

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Kaylie tells PEOPLE that she now re-learning simple things such as make coffee or fry eggs. According to the girl, she’s already coping with something that is hard to do for blind people. For example, with the help of a friend she was riding a bike and even played mini-basketball.

Kaylee also learned to play the piano, playing the tracks of Coldplay’s «Clocks» and «The Scientist». According to her, the highlight of this year was her playing the guitar and singing songs in front of a rehabilitation team.

«I am an adventurer and can’t just give up – says the perky girl. All or nothing!»

In the plans of Kaylee for the next year includes a visit to the school for the blind. In an interview with the girl also said that resigned to the loss of vision.

A month after ripping out her own eyes, Anderson’s Kaylee Muthart has shared her lowest moment with the world – grisly details and all – in the hopes that she’ll keep others off of drugs.

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«If you do not, you will never be happy, she said. – Take this, analyze it and let yourself feel what you feel».

Kayleigh also has a young daughter, whom she bore at age 18. And although the child lives with a family friend, she talks to her every day and tries to visit often.

«She is the sun,» – says the girl.