Woman with tattooed face in a County jail, city of plant city

In Youngstown, Ohio, on suspicion of shoplifting arrested a woman with a tattooed face. At survey of things of Alyssa Zebroski (the so-called arrested), the police found methamphetamine, a pill suboxone and hypodermic needle. At the station, which had received Zebrasky, it turned out that she wanted in Austintown.

Face Tattooed Woman, Alyssa Zebrasky, Arrested on Drug Charges https://t.co/MzuztERUb7 pic.twitter.com/U1Tsf562PK

— NewspaperpoliticUS (@NewspaperUS) December 6, 2018

Arrested 27 years, and according to Daily Mail, she’s from Cleveland. The woman always been fascinated by tattoos, but this is all person — made recently. Now, thanks to the free services of a police photographer and crime reporters enthusiasm Alissa of Zebrasky became famous all over the world, and today came tops on Twitter.

Let’s go back to Alyssa Zebrasky in 2012 pic.twitter.com/g1Tp3RZ2AR

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Making it as a tattoo on the face, Alissa of Zebrasky, of course, was counting on the attention of others — indeed, such a woman will not miss any one glance. But now Alissa had to feel the opposite side of its appeal. It was her appearance attracted the attention of guards, and cops, who felt a demonic character questionable and suspected of stealing. On the other hand, only the meth would explain why she ventured in this form to use by shopliftingu…

😲 Really?
What is this…
Sugar skull fascination? Proponent 4 the #DayOfTheDead?
I dunno 🤷♀app
Alyssa Zebrasky, arrested for stealing from the @Walmart in Boardman Township has garnered attention because of her facial tattoos⁉ app pic.twitter.com/J7K3x1INKv

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According Heavy.com referring to County Sheriff, city of plant city, in prison which is now Alissa, problems with the police in Austintown she arose from the attempts to evade the patrol car with a friend and resisting arrest.